Everything I do at Small Friends helps me to learn how to be a good friend and a confident little person in everything I do, so that I'm all ready to head to 'big school' to start Kindy!  

7.45am    Time for me to ring the bell!

8am    All of my friends that come for the morning are here!

> Play & Learn + What's On This Week Activity During this time I can play, explore, and create at all the learning areas inside and outside the house.  I can also get messy, creative and have fun painting a masterpiece, and do our What's On This Week art activity.                                                                   

> News Mat...20min      I can bring in a toy, book, certificate or whatever I like to put in the news box, but I don’t have to if I don’t feel comfortable.  I get to listen to my friend’s news and ask questions if I want to. Some of my friends might tell news every week, so when I feel that I can do it I can join in too. 

> Morning Tea      I have fruit, crackers and a drink of water in the lunch room, or we have a picnic outside under the tree or on the grass in the garden.

 > Storytime & Sing Along Mat...15min     I get to listen to our favourite stories and sing the songs we love to sing out loud and proud at Small Friends.

> Time to Play & Learn... Inside & Outside :)

> What’s On This Week Mat...15min     We turn our ears on and talk about our theme for the week.  During this mat we may also listen to a story, sing songs and have fun with a drama activity that are all about What’s On This Week.

12pm    Goodbye to my morning friends 

> Lunch Time    I have lunch with my friends either in the lunch room at picnic tables or we have a picnic outside.   I make sure I always eat my sandwiches first (or the alternative that is in my lunch box), my fruit, vegetable and dairy are next, and I keep my biscuits, chips or chocolate treat until last.  

When I finish my lunch my teacher will help me to wash my face; I put my lunch box and drink bottle away, and then sit at the sunscreen station to put on my sunscreen…I might try to do this myself with my teachers help or my teacher will do it for me so that I'm all ready to play outside. Then I get to pick a book and sit with my friends on a rug and have a chat and a read while I wait for all of my friends to finish lunch.

> Relax and Rest Mat...20min     I pick a pillow in the quiet room and lie down to relax. My teachers either sing us a song or we listen to quiet music. I might drift off to sleep, or I might just lie quietly and relax for a little while.

 1pm  My friends who come for the afternoon are here!

> Play & Learn + What's On This Week Activity     During this time I can play, explore and learn lot’s at all the learning areas inside and outside the house.    If I only come for the afternoon I can also get messy, creative and have fun painting a masterpiece and do our theme art activity.

> What's On This Week Mat...20min     My afternoon friends get the chance to tell their news if they brought something for the news box and we talk/sing/dance about What's On This Week.

> Afternoon Tea     I  join my friends for fruit, crackers and a drink of water in the lunch room or outside on the picnic rugs.

> Storytime & Sing Along Mat...15min

> Time to Play & Learn Together... Group Activities and Games!

> Dance Tricks & Fun Mat...30min     I can dance with my friends, have fun with our Check out My Tricks game, or I can play with all of our super fun Quiet Room activities and toys.

5pm    Home Time for me and my afternoon friends :)