Our St. John Ambulance Visit

St. John Ambulance Officer Paul joined us this morning for a fabulous incursion. We chatted about what an Ambulance Officer does and how we can ring 000. Then we got to have a tour of his ambulance.  We even got to turn on the sirens and make lots of noise!

Once again our team of Small Friends impressed another special guest with their awesome listening skills and behaviour, Paul couldn't believe how young his audience were today!  Click on the picture below to check out our slideshow of smiles and sirens!


Our Fantabulous Christmas Catch Up *<[:{)

Our third Christmas Catch Up and our team can't thank everyone enough for joining us to make sure the night was full of smiles, giggles and wonderful moments!  

As you will see in our Smilebox we all enjoyed our night hanging out with each other; having a splash and a play; having our hair glammed up and getting our skin covered in Christmas tattoos!  Of course we're all on Santa's nice list so he made sure he stopped by for a song, a chat and a few photos :) 

Click on the picture to head to our Smilebox and enjoy the festive moments!  We wish all of our families the magical Christmas they all deserve, and may all your dreams come true in 2016. 

Your Small Friends Team *<[:{)

How Lucky Am I!

From my very first day back in March 2013, I have always been thankful for being allowed the privilege to work alongside my amazing team. Their passion, enthusiasm and star qualities are never ending, and every day they not only care for and support our gorgeous Small Friends and their families, but myself and my family too. And tonight they managed to blow me away and turn me into a teary mascara running mess with a Christmas gift that will be cherished for many years to come. 

My teams surprise was given life by the ever creative Paris (with some carpentry assistance in the form of her fantabulous husband Matt), and I can't thank them all enough for putting the words I once scribbled down, into a gorgeous creation that can be enjoyed by all that share our space. 

To Paris Sarah Bree Alison Erin Emma Caitlin & Sheryl ...thank you all for making this Christmas so special! Small Friends wouldn't be the space that it is today without you. X

Thanks For Visiting Nurse Bev!

We had a lovely morning with Nurse Bev and really impressed her as we turned on our ears and showed off our manners all the way through her visit.

We learnt about all the things Nurse Bev does in her job to help people, and how she makes sure everyone that she looks after feels safe and doesn't get too worried or scared about being in hospital.   As you can see in our photos one of us was a patient today while a few of us got to assist Nurse Bev, and the patient was super impressed at how helpful Bev's Trainee Nurses were :)

We also got to test out hospital slide sheets and see how many of us could be moved when they slide against each other...we almost got 9 in one slide!!  

After Nurse Bev left we remembered everything she talked to us about, and some of us spent time working in our Small Friends Hospital nursing our patients and being awesome Nurses!!