Stylin' It @ Small Friends

We had a super special visitor with us on Thursday the 17th October!  Tayla's Nana, Julie popped in to talk to us about what it's like to be a hairdresser.

As you can see in the photos she brought along all the cool things she needs to make sure her clients always look gorgeous, and Tayla and Harvey were willing models for the morning! 

All of our Small Friends were a captive audience as Julie talked about how important it is to brush your hair everyday and wash it regularly, and even though we don't all go to the hairdressers we should get our hair cut every now and then so that we always look FAAAAABULOUS!! 

If you have time at drop off or pick up - don't forget to check out our very own hair salon...which all of your kiddies have loved either working in, or relaxing and getting their hair done!


Nana's most precious client!

Julie gets started on making Miss Tayla even more gorgeous!  

The perfect model!

We all need to check out those clippers!

I don't think those clippers would be allowed near your hair Paris! 

Captive audience!

That tickles Julie!!

My turn Julie!

Time for a male model to style it with Julie!

Working the FRO Harvey...super groovy and gorgeous!

Thank you for a fabulous incursion Julie!