Abingdon Was An Absolute Delight!


Well we were nearly beaten by the weather again, and those annoying gray clouds did keep half of our Small Friends group away. However, we were super lucky that only a couple of clouds decided to try to rain on us, so our smiles and laughter must have made them think twice about ruining our morning!

As you can see in our photos, Big and Small Friends alike had a fabulous morning exploring all the special places Abingdon has to offer.  The mazes tested the skills of all the adults but all the kiddies just gave it a go and most made it through quicker than all the big people!   With Thomas and Percy on the tracks, the people of Abingdon  out trying to catch some sunshine, and a bit of fairy spotting, we all had plenty to watch and discover!   A few families also grabbed some clubs and gave the mini golf course a go too.

Our sing along was a little quieter than usual but still fantabulous, and we thank our Small Friends again for helping to add to our lovely morning with their awesome voices! So after morning of exploring, a picnic morning tea and another play int he playground everyone left with smiles on their dials!   

Thanks goes out to all of families for joining us, we will visit Abingdon again in the future but may be pick a different time in the year so we don't need to worry about the weather!!  Thanks also to Diane and the Abingdon team for keeping a little part of Mandurah a special place for little ones to explore!