Thanks For Visiting Nurse Bev!

We had a lovely morning with Nurse Bev and really impressed her as we turned on our ears and showed off our manners all the way through her visit.

We learnt about all the things Nurse Bev does in her job to help people, and how she makes sure everyone that she looks after feels safe and doesn't get too worried or scared about being in hospital.   As you can see in our photos one of us was a patient today while a few of us got to assist Nurse Bev, and the patient was super impressed at how helpful Bev's Trainee Nurses were :)

We also got to test out hospital slide sheets and see how many of us could be moved when they slide against each other...we almost got 9 in one slide!!  

After Nurse Bev left we remembered everything she talked to us about, and some of us spent time working in our Small Friends Hospital nursing our patients and being awesome Nurses!!