How Lucky Am I!

From my very first day back in March 2013, I have always been thankful for being allowed the privilege to work alongside my amazing team. Their passion, enthusiasm and star qualities are never ending, and every day they not only care for and support our gorgeous Small Friends and their families, but myself and my family too. And tonight they managed to blow me away and turn me into a teary mascara running mess with a Christmas gift that will be cherished for many years to come. 

My teams surprise was given life by the ever creative Paris (with some carpentry assistance in the form of her fantabulous husband Matt), and I can't thank them all enough for putting the words I once scribbled down, into a gorgeous creation that can be enjoyed by all that share our space. 

To Paris Sarah Bree Alison Erin Emma Caitlin & Sheryl ...thank you all for making this Christmas so special! Small Friends wouldn't be the space that it is today without you. X