Our Ever Changing Spaces!

Our Inside and Outside spaces offer our Small Friends, learning centres that are always changing, whether it be from week to week, day to day, or hour to hour!  We choose to work with our concept of change throughout our days because not all activities are enjoyed by all of the children. If a learning centre is not engaging the children, then we can make the choice to change the concept and the activity within the space. 

Our House is always busy and we as a  team enjoy the opportunities we get on a daily basis, to create learning and play spaces that not only nurture creative play and social interaction, but keep our Small Friends engaged and happy throughout their day.  

Inside of our House is reflective of what children have at home, with spaces to play and plenty of activities to keep little hands and minds busy.  

Our Little House   can become anything we wish it to be...at the beginning of the year it is a house where the children can role play life at home, but by term two our Small Friends can be astronauts in our Space Station; work in our restaurant; be creative in our hair salon; play in our fairy garden or go looking for wild animals in our jungle!

Our Puzzle Corner, Train Mat, Drawing, Construction, Playdough and Light Tables  are constant learning centres that we have ready for action at all times. You will always find children busy at one of these spaces whether they wish to play with friends, or be creative on their own.

Our Collage Table   is where our Small Friends can be as creative as they want to be as they work with glue, paint and anything and everything that will stick to the boxes and other surfaces we have available for their next masterpiece! Mess is never a concern when everyone is busy at this learning centre, as thatโ€™s when our Small Friends are their most creative!

Books   and a quiet place to sit, is always available for anyone wanting to turn a page and escape to the land of โ€œonce upon a timeโ€!

Our Quiet Room   is not always completely quiet and with 6 mat sessions being run within it during our day, it is certainly one of our busiest inside spaces. During 5 of our mat sessions the children get the opportunity to tell or listen to news; listen to a story or music; sing their favourite songs and nursery rhymes; engage in a language or theme based activity, dance and do tricks. And if they are with us for a full day then they also get a chance to relax and rest after they have had their lunch.

All other tables and available floor space are used to create learning centres that offer activities that encourage the children to engage their thinking, play and fine motor skills.

Our Backyard is an integrated space that reflects the inside. Again each learning centre is changed and choices offered up throughout the day to keep the children interested and engaged. 

Jack and Bud are our resident giant bunnies, who are free to run and play with the children and even though they have a stylish den of their own to live in, they love being in their super fabulous Bunny Den with everyone!

Equipment   such as climbing frames, balance planks and our HMAS Small Friends are all free standing and are not permanently in one position, as we like to change how our backyard looks all the time!

Our Magnificent Pepper Tree   is always ready for a willing climber and swings and ladders attached to its branches are available for children to swing and play with their friends.

Our Woodwork Bench   has tools and materials on hand for any budding artist or carpenter to be creative! 

The Painters Easels   and paint stand with all the colours of the rainbow is a favourite with many children, as getting the chance to create their next masterpiece to take home to  their family is something many Small Friends canโ€™t wait to do everyday!

Our Sandpit  is for those who want to be chefs or are budding builders.  During the day it can be a  cooking sandpit which a kitchen, utensils and table ready to bake and cook for our friends, and then it can magically turn into a construction pit with hard hats, trucks, wheelbarrows, spades and buckets ready and waiting for our team of builders.

Our Garden Cottage   has its door open at different times during the day for the children to role play in, with equipment, props, toys and dress ups available for them to engage in imaginative play.

Our Choice of Transport   is a fleet of cars rather than bikes or trikes.  They can go anywhere in the yard as there is no designated path, and with road signs and other obstacles put on the โ€œroadโ€, our drivers sometimes need to work with other drivers when it comes to negotiating the roadway!

Our Pond is full of happy fish, who all love their sunny spot in the yard, and with plenty of Small Friends around to check on them and make sure they are well fed, this area of the yard is a favourite with many.

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