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Time To Settle In!

Whether a Little One is 2 or 5 years old, we like to have a See How I Go transition period that allows all of our Small Friends the chance to settle in.  And like all things in life, each child is different so we let them lead the way as far as how they're feeling in our world, and what works best for them in the first few weeks.  

Some Small Friends are more comfortable starting with short days, either a morning or an afternoon and may continue with this length of time as long as they are a Small Friend, and other Small Friends are comfortable playing to learn and learning to play for longer days right from the start.  If you think your Little One might like to become a Small Friend then please read on to see how we will help them and you feel welcome in our FANTABULOUS world.

During my See How I Go  Adventure I will…

  • enjoy and feel confident about being in a busy space where all of the Small Friends play and learn together inside the house, and out in the backyard

  • feel OK about being away from my family for my school session, and will feel comfortable approaching my Teachers to help me when I'm at my Small Friends.

  • feel confident in expressing my needs and wants to my Teachers and friends whether it be with speech, gesture and/or vocalisations

  • feel confident playing alongside other Small Friends that are not the same age as me. Some of my friends might be 2 years old, and some could be 5

  • engage and have lot's of fun in all of the awesome learning spaces that are all around the house and out in the backyard

  • join in one mat time during my session... it could be News, Storytime Music or What's On This Week.

  • be OK not having my comforters with me for my whole session

  • enjoy sitting with my friends and Teachers at meal times.


Things that I don't have to worry about too much...

  • If I'm not chatting lot's yet then that's OK!

  • I don't have to be toilet trained, my Teachers will help me with this part of life

  • I can have my comforters in my bag and get them out whenever I need them

  • I can have a rest if I need one.

A Note For My Family

We are always on hand to chat about how your Little One is going and whether our world is working for them.  We can chat with you from the time we open the door at drop off and pick up, or we are always just a phone call away.  In our world it not only important that our Small Friend has a smile on their dial...but the Big People in their life do too!

We look forward to seeing you soon -:- Small Friends Team